Monday, October 3, 2011

Don't Waste Time, Post Grad

Fall is quickly approaching. While some of us twenty somethings are preparing for new classes, homework, studying, and college life, the majority of us are dealing with the real world. The first fall semester after graduation can be difficult. You look back and start to regret. You think about that class you should have taken, the parties you should have attended, or those extra curricular activities you should have joined.

But now is not the time for regrets. It is time for growth! You are probably in that terrible transition time of leaving college and looking for a job. You can sit and rot on your couch or you can take action.

If you're currently looking for a job, make sure you're networking like crazy. Join Linkedin and get recommendations from your previous bosses or colleagues from jobs or internships. If you're only job searching on the Internet and on social networks, that is a great start, but you can do more!

Find out about clubs or groups that meet in your area pertaining to the job you desire. Meeting with people who work in the field can get your foot in the door just about anywhere. Attend job fairs at local colleges and pass out your resume. You never know who you may meet!

If you feel like you're job hunting constantly and getting nowhere, take a break and do something beneficial for yourself. Regret not taking that web design class in college? Find one in your area and go for it. Finding hobbies or classes that relate to your potential career can give you an edge on the competition.

Lastly, enjoy this time! Many post grads can get into a funk feeling as if the fun of college is over and the real world is one big downer. Use your newly acquired free time to see friends and family, take care of yourself, and enjoy life before you're busy with your new job.


  1. Great advice!! I didn't do this and I worried and worried about a job and I look back and though I'm glad I worked so hard for a job
    I was way to hard on myself. Love this.

    Ps thanks for being there for me during my transition!

  2. Thanks! :) And aww thanks for being there for me too!

  3. Great advice! I'm job hunting right now and really appreciate all this! It's exhausting work.

  4. Great post! Looking back, I wish I would have taken your advice about finding a job after college grad! xx

  5. Feel free to email me or chat on Twitter anytime you need advice or just some friendly words! :)

  6. Great post and wonderful advice. Our generation has a lot of tough stuff to deal with (the economy, etc.), but we've also got a lot of resources at our fingertips. You're absolutely right about taking care of yourself and your relationships - it's easy to lose hope and get down on yourself.


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