Friday, September 23, 2011

What I Plan To Watch This Fall...

One of the best things about fall is finally here: FALL TV! Our favorite shows are finally back and there are plenty of new ones to check out! Here are the shows I plan to tune in to:

Mondays: How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls

Tuesdays: Glee, New Girl

Wednesdays: America's Next Top Model, Real World: San Diego

Thursdays: Big Bang Theory, The Office

Here's the Fall TV Calendar....Tell me which ones you are dying to watch!


  1. i'm such a gleek and a himym fan! all of these shows are amazing! looking forward to everything that will be happening this fall! :)

  2. I love posts like this - down in Australia we get hardly any good shows so I know what to watch on Hulu now! I didn't really like 2 Broke Girls but I looooved New Girl!

  3. I agree Alisha, Broke Girls wasn't great but New Girl was!

  4. himym and bbt are on my weekly lists as well :)

  5. oh and new girl-it is cute and funny :)

  6. I have too many TV shows that I watch! looking forward to Gossip Girl starting again tonight.

  7. himym is a must!! but you've left out some important ones, like Dexter!! And the first episode of terranove was pretty good too.


  8. I haven't really watched Dexter, Terranove, or Gossip Girl but thanks for the tips guys! I'll have to check out some more new shows if I have the time. :)


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