Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Greed on TV And Beyond

One of my new favorite channels on TV is GSN: Game Show Network. Some of my favorite shows are Lingo, Catch Phrase, Baggage, and 1 vs. 100. And that brings me to Deal or No Deal. I watch this sometimes too, but it always makes me think about how greedy people are!

I've watched many episodes where people kept turning down big money only to walk away with $5 or less. People that said how much they needed the money. Whether they needed to pay off big debts, pay for their kid's college, or simply had a big family.

I don't know about you, but if I was offered $35,000 I would definitely take it if there weren't many big amounts left. Perhaps it is just because I would rather play safe than sorry, but to think of that kind of money when my bank account isn't too large right now is insane. Even more insane is to turn it down without really thinking it through and end up with nothing.

Greed is defined as an excessive desire to possess wealth or goods with the intention to keep it for one's self. Aren't we all greedy sometimes? With the Internet, TV, our friends and family, stores, etc. always telling us about great new products we NEED to have, it is almost impossible not to want things you don't have.

But I know we can control our greed by focusing on things that make us happy that don't cost money. Things like friends, family, love, and the things that bring us peace and happiness that aren't material goods.

And if you ever see me on GSN, you better believe I will take what I can get! ;)

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  1. Id rather be safe than sorry too, but like you said, people are too greedy!


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