Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My First Wine Tasting

Last weekend I went to my first wine tasting! I was a little apprehensive because well, I don't really drink wine. I've tried it and didn't like it much. But I was able to get tickets to a wine tasting fundraiser for the HAVEN Garden Project which works with ASKinyourface.com, the website I write for.

Knowing my boyfriend isn't really into wine and I just couldn't see my macho, sports-loving guy at an art and wine tasting, I decided to bring one of my good friends, also named Lauren. Yes, every time we got introduced someone, we said "Yep we're the two Laurens!" Hah.

Aside from any awkwardness of our first wine tasting and being in a new crowd, it was so much fun! We met some really nice people. I even won something in the raffle - a metabolic test! Of course, when I won I had no idea what that was...turns out it is a test that determines your metabolism and the nutritionist tells you what you should eat. I'm not 100% sure what it will be like, but I am excited to make some time to see what it entails!

My friend Lauren got me into the "Real Housewives of NY" so naturally we had to pull a "Ramona" and try some Pinot Grigio! Turns out it was the one I liked best because it wasn't very strong - hah!

We learned a lot more about the HAVEN Garden Project which the event was raising money for and met some of the young farmers. I must say, I definitely want to go volunteer there. It will probably be out of my comfort zone since I've never really gardened, but it sounds like such a relaxing experience and something to feel good about. Hopefully I can soon and share my experience with you all!

So all in all, the first Lauren squared wine tasting was a success! ;)
An old picture of the Laurens...now my hair is short and hers is long! :)


  1. Obviously I'm too young to drink alcohol, haha, but wine tasting does sound like fun! ;) I feel like in the future I'll be more of a wine person than a beer person...

  2. It was a lot of fun! When you're 21, you should definitely go to one! Helps when it is a great cause too.

  3. Natalie, wine tasting is fun. My first wine tasting was a disaster! I tasted almost all the wines and got tipsy, but I sure had fun talking with other wine enthusiasts in my area. We now have a group that meets every weekend to try out new wines.

  4. thanks nice post


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