Monday, June 13, 2011

I wish...

I know that in life, people come and go, but I wish they'd give some sort of warning when they do.

But I guess, such is life and we're all still learning to deal.

I love this quote. We all learn pretty early that friends come and go, relatives die, and so on and so forth. But doesn't it always still hurt just as bad even though we know these things happen?

We wish we knew why suddenly friends decide they don't want to hang out with us anymore. Why otherwise healthy family members get sick or get into accidents. Why things just suddenly happen and nothing is the same anymore.

I also happen to be the type of person that buries all these feelings down. When a friend hurts me or a loved one dies, I do talk about it and cry and all of those things. But the real emotions and the real feelings, I bury deep inside. When I'm alone and feeling vulnerable or sad or confused...they tend to pop back up.

I guess I'm still learning to let go of things. But aren't we all?

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  1. I hate to say it doesn't always get any easier when you get older. But the way I see it it's just part of what makes us human. If we profess to love someone then not miss them when they're gone, did we really feel that much for them? It's been said letting go doesn't mean we stop caring, it means we stop trying to force others to. I find peace in that.


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