Monday, June 27, 2011

"The Glee Project"!

You know how much I love "Glee", so naturally I would have to tune into Oxygen's "The Glee Project", finding the next new cast member for a 7-episode block.

So far there have been three episodes, each episode with a special "Glee" guest star, songs to perform, last chance performances, and lots more. They are trying to find a new star! Personally, my favorites are kids that don't remind me of anyone on the show already.

For example, there are kids that really resemble Kurt, Rachel, Santana, Lauren, and Puck. If you watch the show, who do you think I'm referring to? ;)

My favorites are Cameron, the lengthy "geeky" adorable guy; Damien, the handsome boy from Ireland; and Matheus, the 4'9 cutie. I don't really love any of the girls so far. I actually tuned in to the show after seeing them on the "Today Show" and thinking none of them could really sing. It was probably just nerves because on the show, most of them are amazing.

Do you watch the show? Who are your favorites?


  1. I didnt even know the show exsisted! I shall have to tune in!

  2. Check out the show's website! I believe it airs Sunday at 9 pm. I usually catch the re-runs.


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