Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Day of GLEE With My BFF!

You may know I got hooked on Glee last year. I adore the funny lines, great lessons everyone can learn from, and the amazing singing! So naturally, when my best friend and I got dead-set on finding a concert to go together (the only one we've seen together was O-TOWN...remember them?!)...we picked GLEE!

We were lucky enough to have the whole day to spend together. Tiffany (read more about her here!) came down to my house and we were both starving! I took her to the nearest downtown area and we got some yummy sandwiches and walked around. As she put it, "I always take her to a new place when she visits!" And "I always know the best dessert places!" Hehe.

I was dying to go to a new cupcake place close by but alas, it was closed on a MONDAY. Disappointed, Tiff really wanted to get a drink and we decided the cheapest option would be to buy something and have cute, girly drinks at my house and get ready for GLEE. We ended up with this Malibu tropical drink....whew was it gross! Disappointed AGAIN, we decided to head to a different cupcake place.
Had we gotten there minutes earlier we would have witnessed a woman driving her van INTO the Chipotle building next door to the cupcake place. Yes, into the building! After discussing it in lengths with the girl working at the cupcake shop, eating our delicious cupcakes (mine was mint chocolate and Tiff's was red velvet cheesecake....yum!), taking photos of the broken building and broken bumper, and watching a cop tape the bumper up with caution tape (ha!) was an adventure. Funny to think we didn't even notice the damaged car and smashed bricks walking up! All we were laughing at was saying the cop was stopping for cupcakes! :P

Tiffany is a girl that rarely slows down, so she wanted to head to a local park where we used to hang out. After a billion stairs we made it to take pictures by a river and got bitten up by mosquitoes so we quickly left.

After eating a quick dinner and getting ready...we headed out to the GLEE concert!!! We walked around and got some snacks and headed to our seats. Unfortunately they were in the nosebleed section, but only row 2! The opening act was a silly, but talented dance group called LXD...Legion of Extraordinary Dancing (hehe love the name!).

Finally Glee came out after a video introduction from Mr. Shue and Sue! The show was amazing! They all got to sing individually (except Dianna Agron "Quinn" wasn't there for some reason) and together as a group. The lights were bright, the stage grand, and the cast sang with all their hearts. I even thought they sounded better than they do on the show. They even had a smaller stage closer to our side where they would go and sing or dance on.

If you love Glee and ever get a chance to go...go with a fellow Gleek and you won't regret it!!!

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