Saturday, June 12, 2010

Technical Difficulties (and other difficulties too)

I am taking advantage of some quiet time and working computers to write to all of you. My computer has decided lately to off and on be "cursor crazy". This means as I type, the cursor is constantly jumping around, highlighting, erasing, moving, and making it impossible to do homework, chat, or write in my blog. It is really sad! So hopefully the issue will stop or I may have to take my computer for the meantime, I will try to post but if it continues there may be a hiatus.

The other crazy thing about this week was first one of my good friends was in the hospital for an unexplained seizure. Then yesterday my boyfriend went in for stomach pains. So my mind has been either working or worrying about those two. They're both okay, but prayers (if you pray!) for my boy and my friend please!

But to end on a good is the dress I just bought (and on sale for $20, yay!) for my 21st birthday (which is in about 2 weeks!) :) Isn't it pretty? The back has some nice lace detailing too.


  1. Ahh, I hate when computers insist on being difficult like that :P I hope it gets resolved soon! And oh my goodness, I hope that your friend and your boyfriend are alright! I'll definitely be keeping them in my thoughts. And I quite like the dress too :)

  2. Thanks Natalie! You're the best! :)


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