Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I love pets!

As promised here are some pet pictures... tell me all about your pets and send me some pictures if you'd like!

Here is Buddy and Hannah, my rat and my dog checking each other out. :) Both of them are very friendly! Buddy is about a year old and Hannah is 11! They both love to play and give kisses.

Here are my cousin's two pups that I dog-sat this weekend. They were so sweet. Briar, the brown one, was sweet and wanted to sit on my lap at all times. Chewie, the black puppy, was hyper and loved to play!


  1. Awww, all of your pets are so cute! :) I have two dogs, a beagle and a pudelpointer. In the past my pets have included hamsters, a rabbit, fish, and frogs.

  2. Thanks! :) Aww.. post pictures sometime! And what's a pudelpointer?


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