Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Infatuation turns into Love

I found this quote on a website: "infatuation: when you find someone who is absolutely perfect. love: when you realize that they aren't perfect, and it doesn't matter." :)

Isn't that true? Crushes begin with infatuation. You find someone who you're attracted to and you think they are perfect in every way. You love the way they look, dress, think, act, talk. You attempt to study their every move and find any imperfection that would drive you away.

Then the time may come when your infatuation is mutual. You begin to spend every moment you can with this person. You learn more about what makes them tick and you start liking them more and more.

Then one day it hits you. You've seen this person at one of their weaker moments. You may have had an argument with them. They have holes in their socks and lose their keys. But you love them. And those "imperfections" are what makes you love them even more.

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  1. I think that is so true, my BF and my best friends ask me why I love them.And I always tell them you looked cool at 1st but now I know ur cool and flawed lol


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