Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Drama, drama, drama

Drama. You all know it, hate it, and love it. I am definitely one of those people that always say they hate it. For the most part, I mean it. There is nothing dumber than pointless drama that people cook up and I am one of the most un-confrontational people you'll ever meet. But at the same time, we are a society that lives and breathes drama. Think about all the popular television shows these days. If there's no fighting, breaking up and getting back together, backstabbing, etc., basically there's no show.

Think about it. When is the last time you made mountains out of molehills just to create something, anything to talk and gossip about with your friends? That lunch you had with your ex that turned out to be perfectly normal and nice...that you told everyone was ridiculously awkward? We all do things like that and I think it is perfectly normal.

I think the key is like with anything...balance it. Life would be boring without any drama. Keep watching your guilty pleasure shows and gossip a little about things with your best friend. But starting drama and ruining friendships, you better stop it. I know these people and they end up with zero friends and with loneliness being their only ally. So just don't forget...drama is only good in small doses.

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  1. Yeah, although it's fun to watch on TV and read about in books and all that, when drama is in my own life I am definitely not a fan! Balance is definitely extremely important.


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