Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Relient K Love Obession

Do any of you have that certain band or music artist that you seem to have loved forever?

I sure do. Their name is Relient K and I remember first hearing about them in sixth grade. I actually started listening to them because a boy I liked told me I should. But once I started, I loved their music. By now, I've seen them in concert around five or six times and even met them once! This post comes from my obsession with their latest CD after I had forgotten about them for a year or so.

So check them out, here is one of the songs I like on their newest CD "Forget and Not Slow Down".

Enjoy! And what is a band that you have loved FOREVER?


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  2. Hey I wanted to let you know that I also wrote a post on my childhood favourite band. Boyzone - an Irish boy band. They sound a lil lame now but I still like their music.
    It was ironic to see a similar post on your blog. :)

  3. I saw that right after I posted mine! Pretty funny! I was going to comment on it and I forgot..ah, but I've never heard of Boyzone...I might have to look them up, haha! I was always partial to O-Town, NSYNC, and Backstreet Boys when I was younger.


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