Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Per Request from Sonia: 10 Things that make me Happy! :)

10 Things that Make me Happy! :)

1. A hot shower. There is nothing like a hot shower when you're feel crummy. Sometimes if I feel sore or like I'm getting sick of just plain gross, a hot shower always makes me feel human again.

2. My parents. I appreciate them even more now that I'm not living with them. They do so much for me. My dad always makes sure my car is running smoothly. My mom sends me cards in the mail just to say hi. They are paying for my rent and I can't thank them enough for that. Plus, they're just funny and I like going over there to see them.

3. My boy! Whenever I am having a bad day, all I have to do is hear him call me beautiful or tell me he loves me and I am instantly feeling better. He truly is a better boyfriend than I could ever ask for. I am still showered with love after over a year and that's amazing.

4. My friends/roomie/neighbors! All the people that put up with me, who make me laugh, who help me out, who hang out with me, who miss me, who love me...I love them and I love the times I get to spend with them.

5. My rat, Buddy and my dog, Hannah. I love animals; I always have. I miss my dog dearly because she is a sweetheart and now I have a new "buddy" to play with and I have already noticed him helping me with my stress.

6. Getting things done. This may sound weird...but I cannot relax unless I have things done. Last night, I tried printing my homework and it didn't come out. I thought, "Hey, I'll do it later, I'll just relax and watch TV now.." but I couldn't. I had to print that darn thing. Call me OCD, but I feel happiest when I am done with my obligations and have time to do nothing.

7. Funny TV shows and movies. The kind that make you forget about your problems and just laugh and enjoy yourself.

8. Writing. Of course, while sometimes writing is a drag (think class!), I enjoy it most of the time and I enjoy that I excel in it. I love writing in this blog, hearing from readers, and getting my thoughts out there and having people enjoy what I say.

9. Reading. One of my favorite parts of the day is getting on my PJ's, slipping under my covers, and diving into my latest novel. It is not only relaxing but I get sucked into another world. Last night, I even had a dream I was the character in the book I am reading now...it was a bit crazy.

It's a great book so far: check it out (click on the book cover).

10. And last but not least, random acts of kindness. Whether it is doing it for someone else or having someone do it to me...those times where you don't expect someone to give you the rest of their candy bar, send you a nice letter, or open a door for you. If only everyone could do these things more often...how amazing would our world be?


  1. Good that you are happy. :) Nice writing :)

  2. Hey thanks for writing this post based on my suggestion and mentioning my name in the heading. :)

    Most of the things that you mention would also come in my list too.

    I would definitely write a post on the same topic.

    I love the way you write Lauren.. Do keep writing more.

  3. You're welcome! I can't wait to read yours.


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