Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New friend!

Yes, I have a new friend. The furry kind. I bought myself a rat yesterday. Before you go "ewww" or "Rats are disgusting"... listen up. I don't care. I think they're cute. I've always wanted one. I am definitely a dog person, but dogs aren't allowed at my apartment building. I'm allergic to cats and rabbits and I'm not a fan of a few other pets out there. So I decided on a rat. They are curious, friendly, can learn tricks and their names, and mine likes to cuddle.

His name is Buddy. Here, you can meet him too...

Any other rat owners out there? I'd love some tips or cute stories!

Today Buddy decided he loves my books and got stuck on top of my dictionary. :) More rat stories to come...


  1. Buddy looks cute... I'm also a dog person.. love them..

    Not sure about rats but then again I cant comment since I have not had or met anyone who had a pet rat. :)

  2. Do you have a dog? I really wanted to get a dog at my apartment; I am so sad they won't let us!

    Well, if you meet a friendly rat, say hello for me! :P

  3. Rats have gotten a bad reputation due to the black plague. I did once have a little mouse where I used to live. I feared for the little thing since I have a Jack Russell but he kept to himself and lived in the pantry. I discovered him because he liked frosted flakes as much as me.

    Anyway, it is either the chinese or japanese that say that if a mouse or rat lives in your house, you are very fortunate. It is actually considered a sign that you are prosperous when a mouse or rat moves into your house. It means that you have enough food and a nice enough house that a mouse or a rat would think to live there too.

    Your rat is adoreable! I haven't seen one with spots before. Soooo cute!

  4. That's awesome - I didn't know that! And my rat likes frosted flakes too. I can't get him to eat from my hand or try to do tricks yet though, but I suppose as time goes on he might. And thanks!

  5. P.S. I tried posting a comment on your blog Sumi-e but it wasn't letting me.. :-/ but I wanted to say you're very talented!


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