Monday, October 19, 2009

The Most Hated Family in America

This one could turn into a rant folks. Have you heard of the Phelps family? No, not Michael Phelps the famous swimming champion...the family in Kansas who protests dead soldier's funerals. You heard me right: a family with little kids who go and protest funerals.

Here is the start of a documentary on the family by BBC (if you're interested all 8 clips are on YouTube...and the journalist doing the documentary is amusing as well.)

It pains me to see these kinds of people are alive and well in America. They believe that America is "doomed" because we allow gays to live and be free here. Their signs often include derogatory statements such as "God hates fags". First of all, I hardly think God would use an offensive word like "fag" nowadays. Second of all, this family seems to completely change the Bible to fit their ignorant views. They tell the journalist that they are the only people who are going to Heaven and the rest of us are doomed to Hell and that no one knows the Bible like they do. They have the righteous hats on their heads and seem to think God is in their ears.

In the documentary, they were also seen protesting a Jewish synagogue. Their reasoning? Jews are "fags" because they killed Jesus. Ummmm, hello? Jesus was a jew. And I'm pretty sure that whole Jesus dying on the cross thing...yep, the Bible tells us that needed to happen for our sins to be cleared today.

As for their signs, they were completely ridiculous. Some had Bible verses at the bottom so I had the liberty of looking up one. Psalm 2:4 was at the bottom of a sign that had God laughing at "fags". The verse is as quoted: "The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them." I can't give you a definite definition of this quote, but no where do I see any word on homosexuality.

It simply distresses me that these people are so ignorant and will not listen to anyone else. And how much they hurt others without really realizing it. I think of all the mothers whose sons have died at war and how devastated they must be. And to have these people galavanting with their signs, protesting your son's is just plain awful. My only wish and hope for our world is that people have more respect for others. If they put themselves in another's shoes and listen to what the world is telling them. The world is not always in black and white. I call myself a Christian and I understand the Christian world is often against homosexuality. But, I am also a human. I know people who are gay and I don't judge them for that. I see it as love and nothing else. I don't think you can help who you love and I wish people would just live their own lives and stop judging others so much.

So what do you all think about the Phelps family or this topic?

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