Saturday, October 3, 2009

Money Obsessed Culture.

Yes, it is time for another one of my rants on things I would love to change about our culture as well as myself. You may think I am a hypocrite for ranting on something I do myself, but that's the beauty of writing. I hope to inspire or invoke a change in myself as I write...and if anyone else is inspired, that is just a bonus and would make me very happy.

So, have you noticed that our lives revolve around money? More couples fight about money than most things. We stay in crappy jobs just so we can survive and eat. We want the newest and shiniest toys because we think spending loads of money will make us the happiest. We marvel at those with lots of it and aspire to be one of those people who has millions and can sit around all day.

I wish this wasn't so. I wish everything didn't come at a cost. I wish we didn't have to think about money every day, some people every minute. I wish I didn't feel like all our lives revolve around stupid little pieces of paper that get us what we want, what we need.

So, I am hoping for myself to save more and spend less. I think that every time I get the shopping bug, I will try to distract myself by doing something that costs nothing but makes me happy. I'll try to do something that makes someone else happy. I'll make sure the ones I love know they are loved.

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