Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In case you were wondering...

I am 20 - feeling like an adult but also still too young.

I wake up every morning and check my e-mail, Facebook, and blogs.

I am addicted to chewing gum.

I am afraid my life won't turn out the way I hope. My dream is to work from home writing for websites and eventually write my own novel. I want to be married and live in a nice home. I am on the fence about children, but I know I would be a great mom one day since I love taking care of people.

The greatest feelings I ever get are when I feel loved. Loving someone and being loved in return is life.

I want someone to be affected in a good way by my writing and my blog.

I love shopping but I hate spending money.

I've always hated school, but I love the feeling of accomplishment and doing well. I worry about what I will do when I graduate.

I plain worry too much and get nervous a lot.

Only a few people truly know me and I can be my total self around them.

I am extremely goofy and silly and love to laugh but most people wouldn't know.

I am quiet.

I love Subway sandwiches and frozen yogurt and snacky type food.

Some days I wish I could be good at sports but most days I don't care.

I want more time to start doing Yoga again.

I am a lot of things, but mostly I am just me.

P.S. Click back to my previous post - I still need your help! Thanks loves.


  1. I wake up every morning and check email,facebook and blogs too. Even before brushing my teeth. :-)

  2. hey! thanks for the love on my blog! man, im lovin yours! so cute! i just love this post!

  3. I love frozen yogurts and crunchy snacks too. And you sound like a really nice and loving person :)

  4. Ne - Me too! I am glad to know someone addicted to the Internet like me! :)

    Lacey - Thanks girl, I am glad to have a new blogger friend!

    Andhari - Yummmm... I used to be addicted to ice cream but then it randomly would give me stomachaches, so the next best thing is frozen yogurt (and healthier too!) And thank you!


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