Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween Havoc?

Ever seen a pumpkin PC? I haven't either! This looks silly, but entertaining...

I currently have no plans for Halloween! How boring! I haven't even gotten around to getting a costume because I don't think I'll have anywhere to wear it.

My roommate and I do have a pumpkin to carve though and I am excited to find some time to carve it. We decided on a "Bugaboo" sketch and it's a funny one.

My boyfriend wants to go to a haunted house soon...and I must say, I hate being scared! I am not so much looking forward to doing that. I went to my first haunted hayride and house EVER last year and it was fun screaming back at those silly ghouls but I am not sure I want another experience...

What about you? Anyone have any really cool plans for Halloween? And I'll be sure to post pictures of our pumpkin once we carve it. :)

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