Thursday, March 29, 2012

If I Had a Million Dollars...

Okay, I admit it, while I do love a good bargain and shop mostly at lower budget stores like Target, I do have an expensive taste. Yes, I have those dreams of winning the lottery and after I would give some of the money away, pay off bills and all those other great and kind things you can do with copious amounts of money, there are those amazing things I would buy that I can't afford now.

Here are some brands I adore and things I would buy if I had the chance:

I adore Fossil. My friend introduced me to the store when I went with her to fix her watch. While I'm not really into watches, my one fashion obsession is purses and wallets. I love all of their styles! I do have a few wallets from their shop that I love and I am saving up for a purse. The problem is... I can't decide! Here are a few purses I love from Fossil:

Lululemon is all about my two favorite workouts: running and yoga. Their outfits are so expensive so I don't have any but if I was rich, I would definitely stock up on all of their gear for my workouts. They seem really cute yet functional and make your workout more fun. Here are some of their clothes that I desire:

My obsession with purses continues with Coach! I do have one Coach purse that I got as a birthday gift and I love it. There are many other brands I would love to have such as Marc Jacobs and I love Vera Bradley, but there is just something so classic and iconic about Coach purses. I love that they have a couple of outlet stores nearby too. I love the signature style with the logo:

Check out all of my pins of these items on Pinterest! What items or brands would you buy if you won the lottery?


  1. Doing yoga is not about spending money on overpriced made in china products that only makes the company rich. There are better options than lulu out there.

    1. I totally agree. Doing yoga is not about expensive clothing but sometimes it is just nice to dream about the things you could buy if you could afford it.

  2. I was dreaming about winning the lottery a few days ago too. One main thing I would get is a house I miss having one apartments suck :(


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