Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stop Bullying!

Bullying is in the news a lot these days. As a kid I was pretty lucky. In elementary school, I always cried. I always remember kids being pretty nice to me and giving me hugs and cards. Middle school was a bit of a different story.

I remember one specific incident in art class. A boy that I had a huge crush on came in with his friend and his friend started saying loudly how I had a crush on the kid and taunting me in front of the whole class. The teacher didn't say a word and I remember a girl coming up to me after saying, "Are you okay? Didn't you hear them making fun of you?" Of course I did but thanks for the reminder! My hands were shaking and it just seemed like a horrible dream. I also remember another mean girl who decided to call me random names.

Luckily though, looking back and realizing I had been bullied at times, I never really thought of it that way at the time. Even though I can be very sensitive, I definitely let it roll off my back. The mean girl I mentioned, she spread rumors that I was a "ho" and I laughed it off, pretending I had no idea what it mean and joked about garden tools.

It saddens me to think about all the kids that aren't able to let it roll off their back. That are teased and tormented much worse than I can even imagine. That take their lives because they feel so lonely and hurt.

So take a moment and do all you can to stop bullying. You may not be able to do much but you can at least stop bullying in your life. Remind yourself to be nice. Don't say or do anything to someone that you wouldn't want someone to say or do to you. Teach any kids you know to stop bullying if they see it. With computers and technology these days, it is easier than ever for kids to tease each other and torment on the Internet. Remember, whatever you put on the Internet is there forever and affects people more than you realize.

Together we can stop bullying and broken hearts.


  1. I can completely relate to this post. I remember being bullied a little in middle school, though i didn't really think much of it at the time. A lot of the kids were bullied much worse: I distinctively remember seeing girls cry in the bathroom. I can't imagine what it's like to go through that now that there's the Internet .

    1. Thanks for the comment Becky! I totally agree... there are so many more ways to tease now. It is really sad. :(


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