Monday, March 5, 2012

What "The Hills" Taught Me

The other day I decided to watch my DVD of "The Hills: Season 2". This was the season where Lauren and Heidi started having all of their friendship troubles and Lauren also fights with "Jen Bunney". It got me thinking about friendships in your early twenties. I've had my share of friendship troubles and lost a few friends over the past years. Even when everyone and their mother tells me that the friendship breakup wasn't my fault or that I'm better off without that person, a part of me beats myself up. Surely, it was my fault or there was something I could have done or should have done. Even if that other person treated me like crap, maybe I should have tried harder to work it out.

Yet watching "The Hills" again helped me realize that these things happen. People change and friends leave and you can't beat yourself up for it. Watching Lauren, who always seems like she is an amazing friend and a good-hearted person have people treat her badly made me realize I'm not the only one. There are always two sides to every fight and the people in it tend to change the story to make themselves look better.

All you have to do in these situations is realize if the friendship is worth it. Being so young in your twenties, we are all figuring our lives out. People change their priorities all the time and stress can make a bad situation blown way out of proportion. In the end, you have to decide if your friendship with that person is enriching your life and making you happy more of the time or sad and upset more of the time. If it is making you more upset, much like the Lauren/Heidi/Spencer situation, then perhaps it is time to move on.

Do you remember watching "The Hills"? Did it teach you anything or did you hate the show? ;)

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  1. The Hills was one of my favorite shows ever! How could I forget! I taught me living in LOS ANGELES has a bunch of fake people.... and that's so true when I moved to LA.


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