Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Losing Parts of Me

I thought this was kinda funny, but kinda relates... :P

I finally realized why it hurts so much to lose close friends. I feel like with each friendship faded, a part of me is lost. There's the friend that I could say anything with and acted like a total goofball and made jokes constantly. There's the friend that I always took care of and acted girly with. There's the friend that we had fun no matter where we went. There's the friend I could tell anything to and not be judged. With all these friendships either and others lost or fading or feels like the part of me that was a certain way with that person is gone too. Not only am I losing out on old memories and friendships, I am losing parts of myself. That's why I think I feel so lost and bummed sometimes.

But even with these feelings, I am always on the quest to stay positive. Whenever I am bummin' and thinkin' about how I miss these friends, when I am asking myself what did I do wrong?, when I am wishing things were different...I train my brain to go to these next thoughts. I think about how I have a wonderful boyfriend, great family, and other good friends that I can call to talk with. I try to focus on how I am better off without toxic people in my life who bring me down or accuse me of things I didn't do. These people who don't appreciate me. Even though I miss them and wish things didn't work out this way...I'm sure they did for a reason. We weren't meant to be friends forever. So here's to being positive and focusing on people who care and working on being a good person...


  1. If you don't mind me asking, where from Michigan are you? I'm moving there!

  2. I'm from the Oakland County area. What part are you moving to?

  3. I'm moving to Grand Rapids area!! :) Nice blog btw!

  4. Thank you! :) Good luck with your move!

  5. Ooh girl, perfectly said! And it's really good to stay positive. Think about it like this, those people who leave massive holes in your heart, leave holes to be filled with wonderful new friends.

    It does suck though :( Especially when you realise that time is the only thing holding you together!

    Have a fabulous week, ooh friday tomorrow!


  6. Patricia - Thank you for your wonderful comment. You're absolutely right. :) Have a great weekend!


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