Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm back...again!

Well, the last two days I was up north with my boy and his brother to visit their aunt and uncle's place by the water. Since I love is a list of events that happened in these 2 days (in no particular order)...

1. Tried a lot of new water sports...tubing, rode on a jet ski, and just watched wake boarding, water skiing, and knee boarding. We rode on his uncle's boat a lot.

2. As a result of these things, I am sunburned, feel beaten up, and have scrapes and cuts all over my feet. Just comes with being accident was worth it though!

3. Play the game Aggravation a few times with his cousins...we had fun "aggravating" each other.

4. I was surprised to find I was one of the best hitters in a game of Whiffle ball! My team lost but it was a great, sweaty game.

5. Learned to play a game of Lightning in the water with their basketball net and swam a ton.

6. Got to know his aunt, uncle, and cousins better which was nice. :)

7. His aunt and uncle's place is right next door to Uncle Kracker! Unfortunately he wasn't there so I didn't get to meet him.. :-/ Also, a guy that was on the Bachelor lives around there too. Crazy!

8. Played some good ole' games of Hillbilly golf!

All in all, a nice getaway and of course I love spending time with my boy and his family!

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