Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"We were always much more human than we wished to be"

A friend of mine had this quote from a song as his Facebook status one day and it really stuck with me. It is a simple statement, but can be thought of in many different ways. I thought of it as emotions.

Humans are the one thing on Earth that can actively and legitimately feel. But we push it aside and act passive and think it is a safer way to be. We wish to be less human in a sense, to need others less, to feel less...but why? Because you look cooler? Or stronger? We're all strong; we're all weak, each in different ways. Maybe we need to stop acting cooler and stronger and allow ourselves to be what we are and feel what we feel. Then we can actively move on to better feelings. So don't forget, we're all human...don't wish to be anything else.

P.S. On a side note, I finally went to yoga yesterday and I got apartment management to write a letter to my noisy neighbors telling them to be quieter! :)

Don't forget about my first contest ever! Ends on Saturday, so you have 4 more days! :)


  1. this is a great post... i am working harder on accepting myself the way i am, which is emotional, trusting, genuine. and it actually makes me feel very vulnerable to show my real self to the world! but i definitely want to be more human :)

  2. That's very true! We shouldn't try to hide and suppress our emotions when they're the very things that make us, us!


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