Monday, January 4, 2010

The Last Week of Break

As promised, I'll fill you in on my last and greatest week of Christmas vacation. I had a lovely Christmas, but I must say this past week has been great. I love having breaks and seeing my friends who come back from college and just having time to chill out.

I went sledding with my boyfriend, roomie, and some of my boyfriend's cousins.

Then went to see "Sherlock Holmes" which was AWESOME! I love mystery movies that you have to figure out. Plus, I've always found Robert Downy Jr. to be an actor that brings a great sense of wit to any movie he's in.


Did a little shopping with the gift cards I had from Christmas and got a great new purse.

Then had a lovely night with old friends playing Wii Fit. We definitely all looked like idiots and had some laughs. For anyone who has played, the one where you have to fly like a bird is the most ridiculous!

Saw "It's Complicated" (hilarious movie, John Krazinski from "The Office" was the best in it!) with one of my best friends. Bit awkward being in a theater being the two youngest girls there seeing a movie with sex and pot in it though, haha.

Took a walk downtown and listening to some local music with another good friend of mine.

New Years Eve! Had a fairly low-key night with a few friends and my boy.

Then the rest of the break I've done basically nothing but relax and sleep in. I'll need all that sleep since I start 8 am classes tomorrow, ugh! Today was lovely too, got my hair cut and met a best friend for lunch. Good luck to all of you with a new semester right around the corner!


  1. Your last few days of winter break certainly sound like loads of fun! You definitely made the most of your time off! I have yet to go sledding this season, but Sherlock Holmes was pretty darn awesome. Good luck with school on your end as well!

  2. Thank you Natalie! Best of luck to you too and I hope you get to go sledding... it is still so much fun! :)


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