Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sometimes I wish...

....I wasn't such a worry-wart.

Today in my car I had to honestly stop myself and say (outloud...yes I am crazy I guess, hehe!) "Lauren, stop worrying. Stop obsessing about hours from now and just live in the moment".

I'm constantly doing this. No, not talking to myself! ;) But obsessing. About my plans for later, what I'm going to eat, if I'm going to drive somewhere or the other person is. How I'm going to feel. What will happen in the next few minutes, few hours, few days. My mind is always on my schedule. Sometimes my mind is just a constant planner that I find myself shouting back to my mind: "Hey wait a minute! Enjoy what you're doing NOW!"

Isn't this one of those crazy human problems? We are given whatever amount of time we have but we don't know how long. And instead of enjoying feeling healthy, young, or happy in that moment...we worry if we will still feel that way in a day, a month, or a year from now. Maybe we all need that little voice in our heads to stop us from obsessing and planning and dreaming and scheming and live in the moment. Sure, we always need the planner in us or we would never get anything done. But sometimes, we just need that part of us to quiet down...if only for a moment so we can enjoy something.

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