Saturday, January 9, 2010

First contest ever!

Okay guys, here is the first contest ever. I've combined a few things that I'm really excited about.

First, here's the idea. I am loving all the new readers and definitely want to reach more and more people with my thoughts and my blog. I'd love for the people who like my blog to pass it on to others that they love. So, the person who gets the most people to follow my blog (whether they become a follower here on Blogger, Google reader, whatever...) will get a really cool bag from a website I'm really excited about! (I know most of my readers are female but if a male does win, please give me another idea since I'm sure guys wouldn't want a bag!)

The website is Elemental Threads. I believe I came across it on another blog. The idea is that you pick a bag (for this contest you'll get the small pouch!) and you can design it however you want. The winner will tell me the patterns they want and I will buy it and have it mailed out to them! :)

Here's an example of the pouch... but you customize the pattern to whatever you wish.

So here's the deal, tell as many people as you can about my blog and encourage them to check it out. Tell them to follow me (only if they like my blog!) and write a comment on this entry sharing the name of the person who recommended my blog. I will close this contest next Saturday. So by then, I will tally up the names and find out the winner (be sure to tell me if you're entering and write your e-mail address on this entry so I can contact you when you win!).

Hopefully none of you think of this as a greedy way to get more readers. I am merely excited to have people stumble across my site and reach people with my words. I love having new blogger friends and really wanted to open my first contest using the Elemental Threads website. I figured I would just combine these two things into a fun contest! Looking forward to getting a first winner and hearing from new people....


  1. I'm going to join in :)

    But I have to read the directions over lol

  2. Am I too late!? I didn't read the detail, just clicked the link from the neighbor post.

  3. You guys are definitely not too late! I'm probably going to extend it a week. :)

  4. Hey Lauren,

    Count me in for this contest...

  5. Awesome guys, I'm so glad people are deciding to enter!

  6. hi.. nice blog here.. would come back to read more.. got here from Sonia Sunny Thomas' blog -


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