Thursday, September 17, 2009

When you are Loved, You are Complete.

Warning: This may turn into a mushy mess of a love post. If you cannot stomach cute coupleness and me being in love, stop reading now...

When you are loved, you are complete. At least I am.

I am so grateful for great parents and lovely friends. But, I do realize my parents and family are pretty much programmed to love and take care of me. And my friends, some of them know my crazy side, but not all do. I have best friends that know the real me and love me anyway... but for the most part, friends come and go. The person I am the most grateful and never want to take for granted is my boyfriend.

Not only does he know my silly side that makes no sense, he knows the scary me of panic attacks and nervousness that rarely makes sense, and he knows every bad and good part of me. He sees me at my worst and at my best. And he loves me through all of that. He doesn't have to. He doesn't have to constantly remind me or tell me that I'm beautiful. I just realized lately how lucky I am that we shower each other with love almost constantly. I wake up everyday not wanting to lose it and loving every minute of it. Even when I have the worst day ever and everything in my life is falling apart, I can sit and think that I have this love and everything is okay. When I have love, nothing can be too bad.

I sincerely hope that everyone has or will someday have the kind of person that loves you and doesn't have to. That constantly lets you know how special you are. Because I think that everyone deserves that.

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