Sunday, September 27, 2009

Seeing the Future

Have you ever had a weird feeling something was going to happen...and then it did?

I have these every once in a while. I guess you could call them premonitions. I wish they were about something cool or exciting, but usually they are very ordinary. For example, I had two this week.

One was about my boyfriend chosing Olive Garden for our dinner date and one was about the girl I was babysitting last night having a stomachache. Silly, right?

What do these premonitions mean? They can have serious consequences in movies like "The Final Destination". (Thank goodness mine are trivial and not about death!) Do you think we are sometimes supposed to see part of our future to prepare for it?

What about all of you, do you ever have these premonitions? What do you call them? Tell me all about it. :)

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