Monday, September 28, 2009

Inside all of us...

This post comes inspired from the movie trailer for "Where the Wild Things Are". While I am slightly creeped out every time I see this, the words that came across the screen intrigued me. It went like this...

"Inside all of us is everything we've ever SEEN."

"Inside all of us is everything we've ever DONE."

"Inside all of us is everyone we've ever LOVED."

How true is that?

We are essentially made up of our memories. While some memories fade, most of them are stored within us and make up who we are. It goes to the age old question: would you want to erase memories?

I say no. All of my memories = me. The ones of me sobbing after a traumatic event are equally as important as those of me smiling with joy. Would I be the same person without certain memories? Would I have grown or learned anything? What would be missing from my personality or my heart? Would you be willing to give up something that could be essential to your change and growth?

So think about all the things you've done or seen or the people you've loved. They make you who you are.

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