Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Make Delicious Smoothies at Home!

I love smoothies! They are so creamy, refreshing, delicious and if you do it right: healthy! I just got a new blender for Christmas because my old one wouldn't blend very well and it was so frustrating. Now, I've already made a few smoothies. Here are some recipes I love as well as a smoothie kit if you're short on time.

A healthy way to make smoothies:

Pick at least two of your favorite fruits! For example, I made one with frozen blueberries and a banana. Bananas are always good to add for the consistency.

Add a great liquid: organic apple juice, orange juice, milk, soy milk, etc.

You can add ice but it is not always necessary, especially if you have a liquid in there.

Try a fun twist by adding sherbert, low-fat yogurt, frozen yogurt, or a flavoring like vanilla extract!

Make it even healthier by adding protein powder, superfood powders or even vegetables like dark, leafy veggies.

These smoothie kits are so easy to make and really delicious and blend well! I've only tried the Mango but I want to try them all :) Read more about them here!
What kind of smoothies do you make?

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