Monday, January 9, 2012

Planning/Organizing Love & Goal Update!

I love organizing! It was kind of a funny coincidence I ended up working at a store called Organize-It for a few years. I love getting new planners, note cards, etc. Before Christmas and my no shopping goal, I ordered some adorable items from, items I've seen floating around the blogosphere and fell in love with! Here's what I got:

With my name of course...

 There's a section in the back to hold papers, address labels, etc.

 There's tons of room to write for each day (morning, day, evening). I love writing in it!

Of course I had to get a cute leopard print! :)

On another note....

I'm going to try to keep track of my spending for all of you!

Started my goal of no shopping somewhat randomly on a Wednesday so here's how the rest of the week went:

Thursday: Had to buy a few essentials (contact solution, vitamins, etc.) for around $30 then bought a few supplies for the cake decorating class I am taking that I needed for the next class.

Friday: I had to drive a few hours for a work meeting so the only money I spent that day was for gas and parking which I will get reimbursed from work.

Saturday: Saturday was somewhat rough. I went to a mall with my boy because he was buying me a new charm for my Pandora bracelet.

Funny story, I was cleaning the other day and found an index card from him that said "This coupon is good for one charm whenever you want it"... can't even remember what the occasion was that I got it from! So he said we could go over the weekend. :)

Anyways, so walking around the mall, knowing if I went in any stores I would be so tempted to buy something was rough! I told him all about my goal and I think he agreed it was good for me, but would be tough.

Sunday: Sunday, a lazy day where I would normally get bored and ask my mom or a friend to go shopping or simply go walk around some stores myself. This ended up happening so I did go to Target and use my gift card because "The Big Bang Theory" Season 4 was finally on sale for more than 50% off and I wanted to make sure I got the sale price!

Any advice? Luckily my week ahead looks fairly busy and when I am busy I don't even think about shopping because I don't have time!


  1. OOOO I want one soooo bad, but they are kinda pricey for me!

  2. Agreed, I was hesitant but I love my planner so much! I haven't used the note cards yet but they are adorable. It is good quality stuff for the price at least.


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