Monday, January 23, 2012

Every Girl Needs These Friends!

I think every girl needs a variety of different friends. Here are the five types I think are important:

The best (girl) friend: This is the friend that you spend the majority of your social life with. You can tell this girl anything and you two always have fun together. Your best girl friend(s) may change as you age, but I think it is important to have one or a few best friends at all times. They are there to lift you up when you're feeling down, help you with your problems and just chill and hang out during the week/weekends.

The sister: This person doesn't need to be your actual sibling. Most likely it is a girl you've been friends with for a long time and is one of your very best friends. But your bond is even closer than the best girl friend! She is the first friend you call with good or bad news and will be your Maid of Honor one day. This is a great bond that you need to cherish!

The best (guy) friend: This guy isn't your boyfriend. If you have a boyfriend he should be your best friend, but I think you should also have a close guy friend. Some boyfriends can get weird about their girl having a close guy friend, but if the relationship is innocent I don't see anything wrong with it. It is great to have a best guy friend who can give you great advice on relationships from a guy's perspective. Not to mention, most guys don't fall into the traps of drama that can happen so often in girl friendships. This guy is great to just hang out with.

The lunch/movie/dinner/shopping buddy: You know those friends you just get lunch with every month or so or go see a movie together every few weeks? You aren't super close with these friends, but you really enjoy their company and care about them. These friends are great because you probably won't have any major drama or fights with them and are able to simply enjoy some good times with. The downside is you may not be best friends but they are still important to your life.

The co-workers: Since I am a freelancer, I don't really have co-workers, but I have in the past. These are great friends that get you through the work day. Sometimes you might even hang out with them after work. I have made a few friends from previous jobs that I still hang out with occasionally. These relationships may not be very deep, but they are crucial to having a healthy work balance and fun time at work.

Any other types of friends I'm missing?

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  1. I think you may be missing the "crazy" friend. Not the one who is actually crazy and on meds, but the one you can call and always know she will show you a good time.


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