Friday, January 13, 2012

Update: I Just Wanna Buy Those Boots!

It has been about a week of my no shopping challenge. I have been trying to keep busy so I don't have the urge to shop, but that doesn't always solve the problem.

I've realized the things I most desire to buy are makeup and beauty products. Probably because I love magazines and there are so many beauty ads in magazines and on TV with constant new products! I love trying new beauty products.

Another thing I've been lusting over is new boots. Right around the holidays, I found the perfect boots. I am pretty picky about shoes so these seemed to be everything I wanted. I don't really have great shoes for going out on the weekends for the winter months. Unfortunately they didn't have my size at a local DSW, so lately I've been dying to go see if they have them yet and see how they fit. Then I realize I am not supposed to buy them.

This week all I've spent money on is food a few times, gas for my car and supplies for my cake decorating class. Today I'll be spending some money at the chiropractor but I think that will be it, hopefully for the weekend!

What advice do you have for me?


  1. Stay strong; you can do it!

  2. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I thought I'd pop over and check yours out as well. I, too, struggle with the constant desire for more clothes and beauty products. One thing that has really helped me is focusing more on quality than quantity. For example, splurging on one really nice sweater from Anthropologie rather than 5 crappy shirts from Forever 21. Or saving up for really high quality organic body butter from l'Occitane rather than picking up countless items from CVS that I really don't need or want. This forces me to really consider what items I truly want, instead of making impulse purchases, and I end up with fewer things but they're all things that I really love and enjoy. I look forward to reading more of your posts! xoxo

  3. Thanks Mom! :)

    Analiese, thanks for visiting my blog! Very good advice. I always try to find deals but that is a good idea to spend more on one item I will really love rather than shopping for things I don't really need. Thanks! :)


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