Thursday, January 26, 2012

Movie Review: "The Vow"

Last night was definitely an adventure. My friend got free tickets to an advanced screening of "The Vow" and asked me to join her! So exciting - both of our first advanced screening of a movie! The adventure began driving to another town about a half an hour away trying to find the movie theater. We spotted bright lights of a theater and figured that has to be it! Nope. Apparently one small town needs two movie theaters within two blocks of each other. Regardless, we eventually found it on time and sat in the plush, reserved seats (yeah, we felt cool!) and waited for "The Vow" to begin.

Cue the intro. Leo (Channing Tatum) and Paige (Rachel McAdams) exit a movie theater and head home in the snow acting all adorable. Then smash! A slow motion crash sends Paige flying through the windshield of the car and both of them into the hospital. Leo narrates, talking about memories and moments. How the people you know become your memories which make you who you are. How true is that?

Then Paige wakes up with no recall of the last few years of her life, the years filled with memories of Leo. The last thing she remembers was a dramatically different life: being at home with her parents, going to law school, being engaged to a guy named Jeremy (who has a lovely Cockatoo hairdo and stirs up drama in the movie occasionally) and basically being a sorority type girl. Keep in mind, in actuality, she quit law school and went to art school and is now an artist, married to Leo, no longer speaks to her parents and Leo has never met them, is now a vegetarian, etc. It was a little crazy to me how much she had changed and I'm not the only one. Paige wonders why the life she now only remembers is so different than the life she is apparently now living.

Leo desperately tries to get Paige to remember him, convincing her to come home with him and try to re-learn her life, despite the pleas of her demanding parents. The plot now goes to a plethora of highs and lows as Paige eventually settles back in to her "Stepford wives" life with her parents and sister and keeps dismissing Leo but at times starts to fall back in love with him as they re-create their first dates. At times I wanted to smack Paige for the way she was acting, but if you stop and think how hard it must have been to step back into a strange life, you can calm down. Secrets are revealed that clue Paige back in to why she stopped speaking to her parents, her love of art starts coming back and twists and turns come to their relationship.

I really enjoyed this movie. You'll melt at scenes of how cute Leo acts (which made me wonder... yeah what boys are actually THAT cute?), gasp at secrets and twists, smile and cry at the same time while watching their vows and desperately want these two to get back together. I don't want to spoil any of the twists or the ending, so you'll just have to go see it and find out! I think this would be a great movie to go see for Valentine's Day with your girlfriends or even your boy if you want to point out all the cute things you wish he did. ;) Tell me: do you want to see this movie? Should I reveal spoilers?

I'll also leave you with something to make you laugh :)


  1. Very cool I definitely want to see this but I'm sure I'll have to wait a bit all the theaters in SF get so packed on nights movies are opening and the crowds are usually too chatty for my taste. lol Don't reveal any spoilers now. ;)

  2. Sounds good and I think you'll like it! :)

  3. i saw the screening as well last night. it was cute film. i loved it. I agree with the paige part. I wanted to bitch slap her in some scenes. There was time i was like Leo screw this chick. I felt bad for him. Overall, Good film. Rach acting was awesome as always. Channing impressive. people give him heat but i think he did fine job. He made me tear during the guitar scene. I always say if You made care about a charcter then u did ur job. Congrats channing lol

    Im going to see again opening weekend =p

  4. Sounds interesting!! No Spoilers!! Noooooooo... :)

    Will def watch it.. :)


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