Thursday, December 29, 2011

What did you Give or Receive This Holiday?

In the spirit of giving and receiving, I will share a few things that I gave and received this holiday season!


1. A gift card for use at a casino nearby for my parents. They used it before Christmas for a little getaway!

2. A new yoga mat and metallic nail polish for one of my best friends.

3. An iPod Touch for my boy!

4. Boots for my cousins.


1. A new blender! I can finally make smoothies!

2. Social Network on DVD and a season of Glee.

3. Gift cards - Target, Starbucks, Victoria Secret, Barnes & Noble, etc. Yay for shopping!

4. A beautiful personalized snow globe from my boy!

Definitely a blessed Christmas! Tell me what you gave or received for the holidays!


  1. I love your blender! I have always wanted one like that! YOu will have to post some recipes.

  2. Thanks! I will definitely post some recipes!


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