Monday, December 19, 2011

Guest Post: Best Holiday Nail Polish Colors

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The invitations are lined up, the perfect dress picked and your hair is finally cooperating.  But don’t forget about your 20 closest friends: your fingers and your toes. Whether you go to a nail salon to have them pampered or if you are a ‘do it yourselfer’, these colors are sure to turn heads this holiday season.

1.     Icicle by China Glaze
This is your New Year’s Eve color. Think a Lady Gaga inspired silver foil, definitely a new twist on holiday tinsel. 

2.     Wrapped in Rubies by Essie
Just like its name, this color wraps you in a luscious deep burgundy color with gold undertones. A more mature choice for the perfectly manicured hand.

3.     Cocktail Bling by Essie
The color resembles the winter sky before the first fall of snow and the light shade of gray goes perfect with your winter wardrobe. How can something so neutral stop traffic?

4.     Holiday Glitter Trio by Butter
This special delight comes with three holiday colors: Chancer, West End Wonderland & Rosie Lee. Chancer is your deep, sexy red that will catch a jealous ex’s eye. Your West End Wonderland is a festive gold glitter and Rosie Lee softens the group with a light sparkle purple.

5.     Carry On by Essie
A more modern look with this flat deep plum/burgundy hue. Compliments any skin tone and you can share this one with all the ladies in your family.

6.     Bobbing for Baubles by Essie
Blue is not your traditional holiday color but don’t be fooled by this holiday outcast. Muted sapphire is perfect for fun, cold weather dates like ice skating and sledding or holding a cup of hot chocolate.

7.     Holly-Day by China Glaze
Move over Christmas tree green, there is a new color in town. A must have for your next gift exchange party. The emerald green has a slight creamy undertone to it that even grandmother would approve of.

8.     Only Gold For Me by Sephora
Chunks of gold, just what a girl wants! This flashy but classy polish screams party. Quick tips, you will need several coats for this one or for instant glam, add it as a single top coat to a dark color.

A splash of color never hurt anyone, so dive in toes first and your holiday look will be complete. You can find most of these colors online or at your local nail salon or drugstore.
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