Friday, December 2, 2011

Ditch Your Phone and Live in the Moment

Recently, I went to a concert (City and Colour...they are amazing!) and I was amazed by how obsessed everyone is with their phones.

It was really cool though, just as I was pondering how many people had their phones out during the main band at the concert, the lead singer asks everyone to please put their phones away for just one song. He said that we get so concerned with documenting the memory, with videotaping or taking photos of the concert, that we don't even enjoy it. He expressed just the thought I was thinking and I thought it was really cool of him.

How often do we do this now? We don't enjoy experiences in life because we are so obsessed with documenting it, or texting someone else, or waiting for emails and Facebook notifications. I was amazed how many people were actually sitting there texting, ignoring the friends they came with and even the show they paid money to see!

So this is a reminder to myself and to everyone... be mindful with technology. Remember to share your experiences with real people and enjoy life. It is easy to get sucked into all the different technologies now and to think that is all there is to life. Next time you're out with a friend, put your phone on silent while you eat together. At a concert, take a few photos or videos, but make sure you spend most of the time just be in the moment and enjoy the concert.

What will you do to live in the moment and cherish your relationships and take a break from your cell phone and other technologies?

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  1. Beautifully put. I was so excited to buy Samsung Galaxy Nexus for my next phone. The day I got it though, I realized that some things are more important, like living in the moment.


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