Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Your Voice In My Head" By Emma Forrest - NEW BOOK!

I got the opportunity to get a free book called "Your Voice In My Head" by Emma Forrest. It sounded like a good book, so I decided to give it a read. I actually finished it in about five nights! It definitely brought out a lot of emotions in me.

At times it was jealousy and I thought, "Wow I wish I could write as beautiful as she can!". At times it was a bit scary and troubling. Honestly, I usually read light and comical books before I go to sleep because if I read anything with serious issues, I can get nightmares.

Halfway through, I realized this book was actually a memoir and a true story. The first part of the memoir, I thought it was imaginary, filled with struggles, pain, cutting, eating disorders, and depression. Not the kind of storyline you hope actually happened to someone. But Forrest was extremely brave to write about such personal and heart-breaking themes.

The story revolves around Forrest's journey when she spiraled out of control and tried to kill herself to when she met her beloved therapist, Dr. R., to his surprising death. It follows her as she works to heal and fight depression through the mourning of her therapist and broken love stories.

It is a story that anyone can relate to even if you're lucky enough to be free of depression and other disorders; everyone experiences broken hearts, loneliness, and death of loved ones. It is a book so beautifully written that you grow to care what happens to this troubled young woman. You want to cry when she does and laugh along with her in her happiest of times.

While it was not a book I would normally read, I would recommend it to those who love a quirky and emotionally driven memoir. It was very interesting and I think I may have to read it again, just to thoroughly understand it all!

If you're interested in buying this book or learning more, check out the book on Amazon.com. It comes out TODAY!

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