Friday, May 20, 2011

Bike During National Bicycle Month!

You may not know it but May is National Bicycle Month! So here at “Greener By The Minute” we’re giving you some reasons to get out your bike and ride instead of drive this month.

1. Gas prices are steadily going up almost every day! Many people are having to cut back on recreational activities and going out because they have to use more of their paycheck to pay for the growing gas prices. While it may be impossible for most to drive to work because of distance, there are other ways you can swap your car for your bike. Heading to the local store to get a few things? Bike there! Going to the movies a few miles away? Bike there! Think of ways you can bike places instead of driving whenever you can. Every little bit helps. Riding your bike instead of driving your car not only saves you money, but it helps our environment.

2. It is great for your health! Little things like walking or riding your bike can help you lose weight, feel better, and reduce your risk for deadly diseases such as heart disease. Even if it doesn’t feel like you’re working out, riding your bike for a mile to the store goes a long way!

3. It saves our environment! Like I said earlier, cars are the biggest source of pollution in our world. If everyone chose to ride their bike instead of driving even once a week, it would go a long way to helping cut down on pollution and keeping our air clean and in turn, keeping us healthy.

4. It is fun! It can be a great date idea or just a nice way to catch up with a friend while you ride around town. It doesn’t cost anything if you already own the bike and any accessories you need, so it is a nice way to spend time alone or with someone and save money.

Work close to home and interested in biking to work but not sure what to bring? First map out an easy route and be aware of all safety signals, such as using your arms to signal going right or left. Next make sure you own a helmet because even the best bikers can get into accidents. Make sure you have lights and reflective gear if you have to ride when it gets darker. Also be sure to have a lock if you have to park your bike outdoors to ensure no one steals your sweet ride. You can also carry a backpack with a change of clothes for work and a water bottle (you need to stay hydrated!).

What do you think of biking instead of driving this month? Will you try it?

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  1. Gah, I always wish I could bicycle around here more, but it's just too dangerous with all of the hills and sharp curves, and just not very bike friendly... ): Some day I will hopefully move somewhere with good biking trails!


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