Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Sometimes I wish only strangers could read this blog. Don't get me wrong, I love that my friends and family like my blog and that I can send it to potential employers but I really feel stifled by this sometimes.

I just wish I could really open up about my feelings, but I can't because people's feelings get hurt. Even when I talk about a problem I'm having or a feeling I'm feeling, I've had people assume I'm talking about them and get upset. Even when I'm not.

Any other bloggers out there encounter this problem? I wanted to make this blog as real as possible and follow my journey, but I essentially can't. I rarely talk about my personal life on here because of this. I'd love to hear what other bloggers have to say about this!


  1. Hi Lauren, here through my friend Rasha's blog. I'm amazed no one has commented on this because I would think it's something that affects almost all of us in some way.

    I totally feel what you're saying here, except that for me it has more to do with whom I choose to reveal certain things to and not so much fear of hurting someone else. That is part of it to a degree though when it comes to talking about relationships.

    There are many times I wish I had decided to blog anonymously. I'm someone who likes to 'share', I have an intense interest in Psychology and I love exploring what makes me and other people tick. I don't mind revealing more of myself to someone I grow to trust; unfortunately with my spouse, family and co-workers reading I've never felt I can openly write what I want to on my site without worrying about having to answer a million questions. I just posted about a recent crush and had to word it carefully because a lot of people I know (including her) read my blog. These things can be even more precarious when you're married.

    My online friends tend to be pretty acceptive, but those in my 'immediate life' always seem to get more involved. So I tend to discuss the more personal things with my blogging friends through the privacy of e-mail where we can speak more freely.

    Do you find it's easier to open up to people you haven't met?

  2. Thank you for your comment Barry! I thought the same thing - that this would be a common problem in the blog world.

    I think I do find it easier to open up to people I haven't met at times, because they are usually kinder about a problem and have advice to share without any bias. I just simply love the blog world that I am able to share my thoughts with others and find that people feel the same!

  3. Agreed. I never realized the friendships that could be made through blogging and the reason is quite simple; we're not seen the same by strangers as we are by those in our physical lives. We're blank slates to each other here, there's a good chance we can reveal something personal about ourselves and find someone online to be more acceptive than some of those who are close to us, because they have no preconceived notion of who we are.

  4. Yeah, totally agree! Good way to put it.


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