Monday, August 30, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge! Day one!

I am going to be starting a 30 day challenge on my blog, each post with a different day and a different topic. I found this challenge from the lovely Laura and you can find her blog and her own version of challenge day here. Please check it out!

Now for day one...a recent picture of myself and five random facts.

Here is a picture of me and two of my best friends! (I'm in the middle)!

Five Random Facts:

1. I am pretty certain I have some form of OCD, but I realize it does help me because it keeps me very organized, reliable, and great with time management.

2. My three favorite shows are sitcoms: Scrubs, Big Bang Theory, and The Office.

3. I'm obsessed with Will Ferrell and almost all of his movies. (Every actor has some stinkers of course...)

4. I've been at my job for almost four years. I never thought I would say that.

5. I feel writing is the only thing I am really good at.


  1. 30 day challenges are fun! I always end up accidentally missing a day though, which pretty much ruins the point of it I suppose... ;P

    Scrubs! I love that show, too. And wow, four years at your job is definitely an accomplishment! That's awesome!

  2. You should try one again! :)

    Thanks for the comment! Ahh Scrubs, I've seen each episode probably 5 times or more and I am still not sick of it haha.


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