Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day Two!

Day two is...."What I did today!"

Since today hasn't really started, I will just fill you guys in on what I've been doing this week so far.

Monday, I woke up around 10, got ready and headed off to my internship. I spent about 2 hours sending out a press release to various websites. (Copy, paste, copy, paste...) From there I headed to the local outdoor mall to pick up a birthday gift for my grandmother. I found her this beautiful bracelet that spells out "Grandma" and I engraved "Love, Lauren" on the heart. All for $26!
I got a raspberry banana smoothie and walked around while it was being engraved. At home, I did some online shopping and got some more great deals. I bought 3 textbooks for school, a used copy of DDR and Rockband Songs, a fitness game for PS2, and a subscription to Cosmo magazine. My friend and I are going to each buy magazine subscriptions and trade them. :)

Then Monday night I went to my boy's house and played some Wii and watched TV and just relaxed. Tuesday I got up earlier than usual to go help out at work while someone had the day off. Luckily, I got off around 1, had lunch with a work friend, and headed on home to wrap some presents and relax.

Now for today...I have an appointment to go to then working tonight. Hopefully something fun will come up after work! Have a great day friends!

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