Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hair Challenge...

Me with my straight, long (boring?) hair.

So I'll admit something to all of you. I'm THAT person. As in THAT person who never does their hair any different. Day in and day out, I've been wearing my hair the same. It is down & straight. That is it. I guess it comes from my lack of hair knowledge and my years of dealing with bad hair.
My hair is super thick and prone to being a wavy, frizzy mess. I had bangs from ages 3-15. I've been getting my hair permanently straightened for years and straighten it almost daily. I'll skip days washing it just so I don't have to deal with it. My hair is so thick, ponytails and headbands usually give me a headache.

So I'm challenging myself and asking something of all of you. Give me hairstyles to try. Nothing too crazy because I am not really good with anything besides the ordinary. But I want to challenge myself to do different hairstyles each day. I will post pictures of course!


  1. haha, i'm that person too, for the most part. i've had my hair long and wavy (i straighten too) and nearly one length for years now, so i've been obsessed with finding a new haircut. i'll keep you posted and think about other hairstyles. why don't you try wearing it wavy sometimes? if you can get that wavy look without frizz? (try scrunching and twisting your hair around your fingers when it's wet or damp with some product in it and either let it air dry or blow dry a little with a diffuser.

  2. Hey thanks for the tips! I do actually have a hair waver tool that works pretty well and have been thinking about using it. Keep me posted with hair styles. :)


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