Friday, August 20, 2010

Internet Addicted

I wanna sit at my computer less...and work out more.

I wanna watch TV less...and read more.

I wanna chat to friends with electronics and say we'll hang out soon less...and actually see each other face to face more.

Being a kid of the "technology" phase, I've struggled with this ever since we got the Internet when I was in sixth grade. We had the old AOL dial-up and I wasn't allowed on after school while my parents weren't home, just in case there was a phone emergency. Of course, being a middle school kid, I went online anyways and always got in trouble when my mom tried to call. One of my best friends would make fun of me sitting on the computer online or playing Sims (yeah, remember that game?!) while she was outside. It would make me feel bad, but I didn't stop using the computer after school.

These days with online classes, being a web intern, being a blogger, and simply being addicted to Facebook, I am online a majority of the day. Don't get me wrong. I like online classes a lot and I love my internship. I also love blogging and think Facebook and email are awesome ways to stay in touch. But I also feel like I spend wayyyy too much online.

So my goals for this upcoming fall semester are to start working out at school after my class and to swap a ton of TV and Internet time for reading. Any more tips or suggestions? I need your help! :)


  1. Yeah... I'm definitely way too addicted to the internet, haha. Cross country season has started though, so that makes sure that I'm at least out running for two hours or so a day, which is good! Maybe making yourself a set schedule of the amount of computer time would help or something, haha.

  2. Thanks Natalie, glad I'm not alone and thanks for the tip! ;)

  3. Oh man the internet, what would I do without it? I'd be bored to death that's for sure! But I'm sure it's bad for my eyes and for my brain, but can't be as bad as watching TV. The brain is actually more active during sleep than watching TV, how crazy is that!? But I would suggest find a hobby or something that interests you like cooking or knitting or sewing, etc. Keep yourself away from all that tech!


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