Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Will Ferrell List.

Confession: I've always had an odd obession with Will Ferrell. Most people will say you either love him or you hate him, and I think he's hilarious. While I admit he's had a few flops (Semi-Pro was horrible!) I love most and own quite a bit of his movies. You might have also heard that he's the most overpaid actor right now. Here's my list for his top rolls.

1. Ron Burgundy in "Anchorman". One of my favorite movies. It is just silly enough for me to love it.

2. Harold Crick in "Stranger Than Fiction". Definitely a different and more serious role for Ferrell and he did it fabulously.

3. Buddy in "Elf". Who doesn't love this Christmastime favorite? "I love smiling, smilings my favorite!"

4. Brennan Huff in "Stepbrothers". A delightfully ridiculous comedy. Ferrell must love acting like an idiot and that is why I love him.

5. All of his work on SNL. If you haven't seen him do his comedy sketches, check them out. He was a beloved cast member for years.
So what do you think? Love Will? Hate him? Who is your favorite actor? Like any of these movies? Send me some comments, friends! :)


  1. Stranger than Fiction is one of my favorites. Bringing a girl Flours? CUTE. (And I h-a-t-e cute movies normally.)

    In regards to #5- I giggle. The Cowbell routine, gooooolay, and all the hot tubs scenes? Hilarious!


  2. Haha, I own SNL Favorites of Will Ferrell volumes 1 and 2...he is great on there. :) I love all those scenes!

    Thanks for commenting Julia :)

  3. He was definitely the best in Elf. That is my favorite Christmas movie.

    Enter to win a pair of ugg boots.

  4. I love Elf, I watched a bit of it last night and it never gets old around Christmastime. :)

    I entered! I hope I win!


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