Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Break is Dancing in My Head....

Okay, so I will admit, Christmas break is dancing through my head right now. I have 7 actual days of class left (4 drawing classes, 3 Bible as Lit. classes, 1 Stress management class, and 1 media editing class, and some online homework...yes I'm crazy!). Already I am so excited to be off from school for a bit, having an interview for an internship for next semester, the town nearby's Christmas Parade, seeing all my friends who go away to school, and just many more Christmas festivities and more relaxing and down-time.

Here's my Christmas list too!

1. (500) Days of Summer on DVD

2. The Hangover on DVD

3. The Smiths collection CD

4. American Eagle Gift Card

5. Something Blue by Emily Giffin

6. Starbucks Gift Card

7. New winter coat (I want to pick, I need a warm, cute one!)

8. I-Tunes Gift Card

9. Target Gift Card

10. Money for a massage or gift card to LUV manicure place

11. Any cute scarves and matching gloves (The gap has cute scarves)

12. The Proposal on DVD

13. Season 2 of Greek on DVD

14. Socks

15. Subway Gift Card

So by now you should know I'm addicted to romantic comedies, some favorite stores, Subway, and a few other things...I also added some books by Sophie Kinsella that I don't own. (Check her out, her books are hilarious! She does the "Confessions of a Shopaholic" series.) Hmm to mention the picture above...I'm not a huge Jared fan, but he is a cutie! (He's from "Gilmore Girls" and now "Supernatural".)

So what about all of you? What are you excited for this break? What's on your Christmas list? :)


  1. Have you seen Love Actually? I watched it the other night and LOVED it :o) You can never have too many scarves.

  2. I haven't seen it - I should though, I've been wanting to for ages.

    And that's definitely true, I love scarves! :)


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