Friday, November 6, 2009

Lovely Blog award...

The lovely Sonia has given me a blog award! It was a surprise and thank you, girl! :) It looks like if you get this award you must award 15 other bloggers, so here is my list of blogs I like and think deserve this award! I think Sonia first of all deserves another aware, so here's a list of another 14...

* Nina

* Celia

* Green Ink

* Michelle

* Moose

* Lacey

* Becca (my friend and new blogger! Send her some love!)

* Liz

* Apt. 34

* Hello, friend

* Jo

* Laura (Another friend new to the blogosphere!)

* Melina


Send these ladies some love. And don't forget to check out my tweets and follow me, I am new to this whole "tweeting" thing. @lrstewar. Thanks loves!


  1. Thank you, sweetie!! I totally appreciate it. Keep up the great blogging. Things like this inspire me to keep creating. XOXO

  2. Thanks for award - that's totally awesome. Much much appreciated!

  3. Why, thank you! And congrats on receiving the award yourself. Sorry for my delayed appreciation, I've been a bit swamped as of late! Cute header, btw!


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