Monday, August 17, 2009

Throw Your Leggings Out!

This post comes to you via an idea from my friend Alicia Flowers and the pained faces we made watching many girls traipsing around a concert recently wearing leggings that really did not do anything for their bodies.

Leggings? Do people think they look good in them?

Ohhhhhh Lord. Looks like someone doesn't have a full length mirror! I've come up with some DO's and DONT's for leggings because it seems this is one fashion statement that refuses to go away.


Wearing leggings underneath a skirt or dress that is thigh length or longer is acceptable.


Act like leggings are PANTS! They aren't. No one wants to see your bootay. Leggings are basically ugly, multi-colored extra layer of skin. It is not acceptable to walk around with no pants at all... so why would it be awesome to walk around naked but with purple skin?


There is really only one 'do' and I said it already.


Under any circumstances wearing leggings like these:
Basically leggings look terrible unless you are 90 pounds or 9 years old, so why bother?
Someone just let me know when leggings are uncool again. Hopefully I'll be dead by the time this trend is resurrected AGAIN.

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