Monday, February 28, 2011

Spending Time Alone

If you don't know me, I'll tell you one thing I'm not sure I am ashamed about or proud of. I'm not like most 21 year olds. Yes, I'm young, have friends and a boyfriend, and sometimes go out. But most of the time, I don't. Being an only child and a homebody, I've always been pretty introverted. Also, being a writer and able to communicate more efficiently with my written words than with my mouth doesn't exactly help me become more outgoing.

I've spent many posts talking about being lonely and missing friends and doing a lot of things on my own. Not a lot has changed except that I've become more accepting of hanging out by my lonesome. Before, on a Saturday night when my boyfriend and friends around were busy and other friends were away at school, I would turn the night into a pity party. "I have no friends! No one wants to hang out with me!", I'd say, knowing it wasn't true. Sometimes my head still goes there but I do my best to squash it.

Lately, I've been trying to find new things to do to fill my time. I have a few internships, but there are often days where I have nothing planned. My boyfriend is in class and my friends are too or they're working. I started baking! You saw my post on chocolate covered pretzels and recently I also made chocolate chip banana cookies and watermelon smoothies. I play my Wii and work on my moves playing Just Dance 2. I'll go to the store and browse or simply stay home and write.

I'm trying to find the healthy balance between hanging out with people I love and being happy with spending more time alone and finding ways to fill my time if everyone is busy. What do you do to stay busy when you have to be alone?


  1. Usually edit photos while watching Leverage or Scrubs. Something to keep my (sub)conscious mind occupied because like you said, the mind sometimes goes there.

  2. Yeah I like to always have music or TV on when I'm doing other things.

  3. I believe filling your time can be a good way to prevent unwanted thoughts/feeling.

    I often bake, the last few years I have started cake decorating which blends both my love of baking and my need to be creative :)

  4. i can totally realte to this.

    only as of late, ive come to realize that constantly hanging out with friends and having "fun" takes away from lots of things i could and should do on my own.

    so now only weekends are reserved for friends, mostly, which results in time spent more productively.

  5. I have to say one of the best parts of blogging is finding people who relate to me! Thanks for your comments. :)


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